1st NFT Cryptocurrency available only on OpenSea

Would you like to invest in Cryptocurrency? Would you like to hold NFT masterpieces? Have you ever thought about owning both of them together?

Then, you are in the right place!

NFT Ether = NEther = NETH

It's the 1st Cryptocurrency available on NFT market you can start mining right now.

What's new?!

With the new collection called "NFT Ether", we managed to add more values to your NFT Cryptocurrency:

1. The new collection is deployed on the Ethereum Layer 2 (Matic/Polygon) to facilitate mining/buying/transferring/receiving. It's painful to pay $20-$80 gas fee for any transaction mentioned above, but now with the new collection you can do all these transactions with gas free.

2. You have now a Customized Contract Address: "0xfDd422515d7567ECcbAB2E99DF0dAa079Cf2be9a" that you can scan on the blockchain scanner to get all info such as holders for example. WARNING: Be sure to get the NETH that has this contract address.

3. Your NFT Metadata now is hosted on the IPFS the distributed web with a unique CID that you can find in the description of every NFT. We are also working with Pinata as pinning tool to assure that your NFT Metadata will be on IPFS forever and no risk to lose it. You can know more about the advantage of having your NFT Metadata on IPFS with Pinata in this article or on Medium.

4. Each Coin has a unique serial number which is not only engraved in the coin, but it's reflected now in the token ID. The letter in the beginning of the serial number refers to the class (A for 1 NETH, B for 2 NETH and C for 5 NETH).

The first 2 digits in the token ID called "Token ID Prefix" which is now the decimal conversion for the hexadecimal letter "A = 10, B = 11, C = 12", so for example: "Serial Number: A29 = Token ID: 1029, Serial Number: B70 = Token ID: 1170, Serial Number: C100 = Token ID: 12100 or so on..." So, when you scan the token on the blockchain scanner, now you can identify easily the value of the token from the token ID.

NOTE: Please contact us if you would like to transfer your assets from layer 1 to layer 2, or vice versa and we will help you doing that on a smooth way. Also, the token ID on layer 2 for already purchased NETH on layer 1 is reserved for the owner, in any time he/she decides to move to layer 2. So, don't worry it's still up to you if you would like to mine from layer 1 or layer 2 with gas free.

Mine on Ethereum Layer 2 (Matic/Polygon) with no gas fee

Mine on Ethereum Mainnet


How does it work?

It started as any Cryptocurrency by mining at lowest cost. Cost of mining will increase by time, as well as the value of it will increase by time too.

Mining = Buying!

By buying 1, 2 or 5 NETH, you will allow to mint this currency on Ethereum blockchain, same as any NFT or ETH Cryptocurrency. And you will register your ownership of this crypto amount.

What is the value of NFT Ether?

NETH has all factors that will make it a very strong Cryptocurrency in the future:

  • It's designed as a mix between the history (Pharaohs/ Ancient Egyptians) and the future (Cryptocurrency/ Ethereum).

  • Each coin is signed by the designer and has an engraved unique serial number which gives it more value.

  • And of course, the special serial numbers (11, 22, 33, ... or 10, 20, 30, ...) have more value than the ordinary serial numbers.

  • It’s the 1st NFT Cryptocurrency available in NFT market. Being the 1st has a great value.

  • Each coin class (1, 2, 5 NETH) has a unique creative design that didn't happen arbitrary. Each design has a part of a story, all 3 parts together will make an enjoyable story of fantasy.

  • The design itself has the same number of characters equal to the coin class.

  • So to sum up unlike all other Cryptocurrencies which have only a unique token. NETH has a unique token + all values mentioned above.

How the price of NFT Ether is determined?

NETH price is determined by each NETH owner, its value should be around the mining cost. So for example:

  • You have mined 1 NETH = 0.01 ETH.

  • After sometime, cost of mining 1 NETH = 10 ETH.

  • Then it’s up to you to sell 1 NETH = 11 ETH because it has a special serial number, for example A11

  • Or you sell 1 NETH = 9 ETH, lower than mining, so more people will buy from you instead of mining.

  • It’s up to you at the end, but we recommend that you always sell NETH with a price so close around the mining cost, it has a great value, please don’t give it up easily!

How the Mining Cost is determined?

The mining cost will be always increased. The cap of NETH = The cap of ETH which means that the total amount of NETH will never ever be greater than ETH in any time.

The mining cost is determined by an algorithm taking some factors in consideration, for example:

  • The most important factor is the number of NETH that has been mined. By mining, NETH becomes more rare in the creator’s hands, its value will be increased, as also the number of people dealing with this NFT Cryptocurrency will increase exactly like any Cryptocurrency.

  • The 2nd factor is Special Events that add more value to NETH, for example: when the collection is approved by OpenSea, it becomes less risk for people to join and mine.

  • The 3rd factor is the number of miners.

  • The 4th factor is the number of views that shows interest.

What is the current Mining Cost?

It started at NETH = 0.01 ETH

The Mining Algorithm decided to increase the mining cost by 4% after serial numbers (A60, B40 and C40).

Now: NETH = 0.0208 ETH

Mining Cost will be increased by any factor at any point of time according to the mining algorithm as described in the previous question. So, what are you waiting for? Start mining with this low cost and don't miss the chance!

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