CryptoCoin 1 NEther Design Mystery Story

In 2569 BC, The pharaoh king of the old kingdom "Khufu" discovered a strange sign on the top of the Greatest Pyramid in "Giza" as shown in the back of this coin. The king seemed skeptical about this mysterious sign and he ordered his guards to investigate this situation.

CryptoCoin 2 NEther Design Mystery Story

The guards of Kind "Khufu" suspected that it's a sign of evil and recommended to get rid of it. King "Khufu" asks "Anubis" to take this evil soul to afterlife and destroy this sign.

CryptoCoin 5 NEther Design Mystery Story

In the last minute, the Vizier/Prime Minister "Hemiunu" informed the King "Khufu" that he discovered an evidence shows a strong relationship between the mysterious sign and "Ankh" the Key of Life which indicates that this sign has a great future and will be a useful tool for the good people to help humanity :)

Detailed Design

Date of Coin Mint

In both sides of the coin, it's engraved the year when it's minted in both decimal and binary systems. In the back of each coin, There is a number of characters which matches the value of it. For example, in the back of CryptoCoin 2 NEther, there are 2 of "Anubis".

Serial Number and Designer Signature

Each coin is one of the kind (1/1) that has its unique serial number. The letter in the beginning of the serial number refers to the class (A for 1 NETH, B for 2 NETH and C for 5 NETH). Every coin is signed by the 1st designer of 1st NFTs Cryptocurrency.

Name of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In both sides of the coin, it's engraved the blockchain where it's minted (Ethereum). And in the middle of the coin face, it's engraved the name of the Cryptocurrency (NEther).

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