Ch 1: Human Rights

While we are busy dealing with new technologies, there are still people suffering from all over the world from racism, poverty, absence of freedom. And there are others busy with wars.

Therefore, we are dedicating the first chapter of our new collection story to support Human Rights. To prove that we care, we are spreading this spirit among all of us the Crypto & NFT communities.

Because we believe that NFT is the future of art, we can't see this future without someone talking about the suffering of people or without some people raising this value high up on the sky.

Hence, we are dedicating 30% of the profit of this part of Originative collection as donation to human rights organizations and the results will be published at our website.

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Because we all are fed up with wars. No matter the colors of our skins, our genders, our religions, our languages or even countries, we all deserve to live in peace. Enough killing, and let's build up this civilization together.

Therefore, the first value we are raising in Human Rights collection is "Peace".

It's 1:1 NFT designed and signed by the same designer of 1st NFT Cryptocurrency, for more info: please check CryptoCoinsNFTs collection in our website.

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