1st NFT Collections Library

How Many times do you need to re-list your NFT to get noticed? How many platforms/ marketplaces do you need to register in to get recognition? How many tweets do you need to publish? How many Facebook posts...? How many...?

If your answer is "too many", then you are in the right place and here is the solution: The 1st Library for NFT Collections. And it's living on Polygon Blockchain.

Why Originative Library?

Originative was striving a lot to find a proper solution that can help all NFT artists to get noticed quickly and with minimum effort to enable them to focus on their arts, as well as make it easy to all NFT Collectors to browse all NFT Collections in all platforms in a well organized way and in very short time.

Imagine one place "a library" that will contain in the future the most of/all NFT Collections available on all well knowns NFT marketplaces: OpenSea, Rarible, Mintable, ...

Benefits of being part of Originative Library

  • Being a part of a library that is fair to present your crypto art without any special mark to gain collectors' bias only the picture that you will place here to gain the collectors' attention. Life is not fair, so let's make it fair! No rating, no check mark, ..., nothing only your art.

  • A fixed place in the library that you own by owning its token. And this will gain NFT Collectors' attention, because it will be easy for them to browse thousands of collections available on different marketplaces in few days without seeing repetitions or reorganizations.

  • A token on the Polygon blockchain that you own that contains your collection best NFT, so you will be presented on both our website and on Polygon blockchain.

  • Originative Library is designed to be the largest library for all NFT Collections all over the world, so being a part of a big artists community that could work as a kind of work council will allow us to represents you to all different marketplaces to set good policies that help you. That's why it's important to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for the community channels that will be created.

Instructions how to register

  • Buy your ownership token from here. And yes, it's very cheap compared to the work needed to place your collection in the library, it costs only 0.001 ETH ≈ $2 on Polygon gas free blockchain. We are not targeting profit from this library, we are striving to help you, us and the whole NFT community, we are making profit from our other collections :) WARNING: Please buy your token from the same wallet address that created/minted your best NFT that you will be asked to send the link for later in this instruction, because this will be checked.

  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet and like the pinned tweet to prove that you also care about the NFT community and are willing to share this beautiful idea.

  • Fill in the form below, and you will be a part of the library very soon!

WARNING: Once you buy your token, you need to register your collection here within 1 week. If not, your token will be blacklisted. We are doing this to encourage people to buy only enough tokens for their collections, but not more to trade them in the future. These are not tokens for trading, but for helping :)

Unfortunately, we will not be able to include collections that contain pornography, because we are targeting to have this library available for all ages, specially that it will contain cartoons and animations collections that will gain kids' attraction.

If you are facing any issue, please contact us at library@nft-originative.com.

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